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School of Education

Professional Experience

Macquarie University provides a coherent program of educational theory, curriculum studies and professional experiences.  To ensure the integration of theory and practice, professional experience is undertaken concurrently with our students' on-campus studies.  This is the Macquarie difference!  Practical experiences and curriculum sessions are not separated from one another but are mutually supportive.

The professional experience program is based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers for graduate teachers from the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).  The program is viewed as a partnership between the University and schools - and specifically, our school-based mentors (referred to as Supervising Teachers).  This relationship is mutually beneficial.  Importantly, the design of the professional experience program and the processes which underpin it are closely aligned to the BOSTES Professional Experience Framework document which was developed as part of Great Teaching, Inspired Learning.

Experienced classroom teachers who have the endorsement of their immediate supervisor and principal, mentor our Teacher Education Students, share their pedagogical expertise and discipline content knowledge; model effective teaching practice; provide constructive, scaffolded feedback on specified, competency-based, professional teaching standards; and fulfil a generally supportive role.  They also help facilitate the Teacher Education Student's reflective professional practice.

Teacher Education Students gain valuable insights into effective teaching practice from observing and interacting with their Supervising Teachers.  They have an opportunity to link theory with professional practice in classroom settings within a developmental framework.  The pedagogical and curriculum-related knowledge and skills, developed in students' methodology units, is applied in classrooms over an extended period of time.  The students' classroom-based experiences are used to frame and inform the learning experiences that take place in methodology units.  These units also provide a forum for the students to share their experience and consider alternative responses to the issues that arise in classrooms. 

Further information about the various aspects of the professional experience program, including the Teacher Education Program Student Guides can be accessed from the menu items listed on the left of this page.