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School of Education

PhD and Research Degrees

Education at Macquarie offers strong research programs which cover the spectrum of education across the lifespan from primary and secondary school education, through to research into TAFE, vocational and higher education research. The Department also offers research programs with a focus on educational leadership and management in schools, educational philosophy and psychology, teaching of languages, English, Science and mathematics, ICT and Indigenous studies and education. The centres supporting these research programs include the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre, Opening Real Science and a Departmental node of the Australian Research Council Science of Learning Research Centre.

A conference held in November each year provides the opportunity for candidates to present their thesis proposals to a wider audience and to receive valuable and supportive feedback, enabling them to address any potential difficulties in their candidature. Student forums and meetings are also held to provide candidates with an opportunity to meet others and to discuss their particular project interests and concerns. All students are encouraged to be involved in the annual 3 Minute thesis competition. It is a fun activity that brings staff and candidates together, and is guaranteed to focus your project!

These features help to create a research culture founded on collaboration, support, and networking, contained within a climate that allows student and academic staff research to be sustained in an atmosphere of mutual support and collaboration.