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Professor Keith Crawford

Educ - keith_crawford imageTitle: Adjunct Professor of Education
Fax: 02 9850 8674
Office: C3A 902



Prior to beginning his career in higher education Professor Crawford taught in UK primary, middle and high schools for fourteen years specializing in history education and social studies education before moving into teacher education at Edge Hill University, UK. At Edge Hill he taught within the Faculty of Education and the Department of Social and Psychological Sciences where he was Reader in Education and then Professor of Education, taught courses within education studies programmes and supervised postgraduate research. While teaching Professor Crawford completed his masters by research and his doctorate in the social construction of the school curriculum. Professor Crawford was Professor of Education in the School of Education at Newcastle University where he taught on and coordinated courses in the sociology of education and supervised under-graduate research projects as well as postgraduate doctoral theses. Outside university life Professor Crawford is a dedicated follower of the 'world game', as well as enjoying watching cricket and rugby union he reads vociferously and enjoys music, cinema and theatre.

Research Interests

Professor Crawford's research interests focus upon the historical and sociological studies of curriculum construction; history education, values and citizenship education within an international and comparative context and international school textbook analysis, from ideological and pedagogical perspectives within the context of the history and citizenship curriculum. Professor Crawford is particularly interested in inter-disciplinary work that draws upon the traditions and methodologies of sociology, history, the political sciences, ideological, political and socio-cultural perspectives on schools and school contexts. His current work focuses upon the social construction of national identity mediated through school history, geography and civic textbooks, school magazines and newspapers in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Community Outreach

In 2002 Professor Crawford was visiting tutor at the Georg-Eckert-Institut fur internationale Schulbuchforschung, Braunschweig and in 2004 was awarded the Robert-Herman Tenbrock Scholarship by the Georg-Eckert-Institut fur Internationale Schulbuchforschung. From October 2004 - March 2005 Professor Crawford was visiting scholar at the University of Nagoya, Japan working within the Centre for Studies in Higher Education and collaborating with Japanese and Iranian colleagues on social studies education and lesson study. He has spoken at conferences on citizenship education and historical and sociological analysis of school textbooks in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, New Zealand, France, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Hungary,  Belgium, Italy and the United States. From 2001 - 2006 he was editor of Citizenship, Social and Economic Education.

Professor Crawford has examined postgraduate theses at Bath Spa University, UK, London Institute of Education, UK, Wollongong University, Sydney University and the University of Western Australia; he currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Citizenship, Social and Economic Education; International Association for Research into Textbooks and Educational Media: an E journal; the Journal of International Social Studies; The Journal of Social Studies Research andThe Social Educator. Professor Crawford has also acted as a book and manuscript reviewer for Oxford University Press; Open University Press; Sage Publications; Berghahn Press; David Fulton Publishers; Educational Research and theOxford Review of Education.


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