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School of Education

Ms Judith Adnum

Title: Lecturer in Education
Qualifications: BA (University of Newcastle); DipEd (UoN); Master of Education (Research) (Macq)
Phone: 02 9850 8637
Office: C3A 821


Judy Adnum is a lecturer in the School of Education, specialising in the areas of HSIE methodology. Judy taught History to students in high schools throughout rural and regional NSW, and subsequently became a consultant with the Department of Education, talking to teachers around the state about teaching Civics and History. She has written a number of publications including the Sydney Morning Herald HSC Study Guides for Modern History, History resource kits for the National Archives and federal Government, chapters of Commerce textbooks and journal articles for the Teaching History Journal and has worked with many educational publishers editing resources to be used in schools. Judy won a NSW Premier's Award to study Civics Education in the United States and won the NSW Teacher Professional Development Award for her course 'Teaching History with a Non-History Teaching Background'. She currently runs the NSW history Teachers' Association's professional development program and serves on the advisory board for the implementation of the new History curriculum and impending Civics syllabus. Judy has also served on various History syllabus committees and examination committees.

Judy currently lectures in the following units:

  • TEP427 - History in the Secondary School I
  • TEP428 - History in Secondary School II
  • TEP387 - Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary School I
  • TEP388 - Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary School II

And convenes:

  • TEP 440 - Society and Culture in the Secondary School
  • TEP 441 Legal Studies in the Secondary School

Teaching Awards

  • 2000  Inaugural NSW History Teachers' Premier's Award
  • 2002  NSW Discovering Democracy Teacher Professional Development Award
  • 2003  NSW History Teachers' Association Teaching History Award
  • 2012  Friend of Callaghan College

Key Research Interests

  • Student reflective practice
  • Implementation of the Australian Curriculum: History in the secondary school
  • Teacher professional development
  • Feedback and assessment in the secondary History classroom.
  • Literacy in the middle years
  • Big History

Community Outreach

Judy works with Callaghan College on literacy projects to improve student outcomes. Callaghan College is a multi-campus secondary college in Newcastle, NSW. The College comprises approximately 2400 students and 300 staff. This initiative is based on the Backward Mapping Process developed and trialled earlier at one of the junior campuses with successful student outcomes. The philosophies underpinning Callaghan's Assessment for Learning Project (CALP) are parallel leadership, teacher leadership and substantive teacher conversations.

Data analysis of NAPLAN, School Certificate and Higher School Certificate results found that students in the middle and upper bands of achievement were not progressing as academically successfully as those in the lower bands. Furthermore, teachers had reported concerns about student non-completion of assessment tasks, the quality of submitted work, and the level of engagement and understanding of the task requirements. This was a common theme across campuses.

CALP has been a highly successful model. The expectations around assessment for learning are clearer across the College. Student assignment submission rates, individual improvement, explicit teaching of criteria, and smoother academic transition from the junior to the senior campuses ensuring a continuum of learning has been observed. Continual increases in the satisfaction ratings over time has been observed as teachers take more ownership and become more familiar with the model. Substantive teacher conversations across campuses is now of a highly professional and collaborative nature, rather than based on administrative and campus-specific matters as had been the history. The clear strategic focus on assessment has strengthened the College ethos.

Tuggerah Lakes College

This 3-campus college situated on the mid-Central Coast of NSW has, in partnership with Macquarie University's School of Education and Social Inclusion Unit, begun a program called AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination). The main focus of the AVID program is educational equity. The program gives students the opportunity to attend and succeed at university regardless of their background. It supports students to be university ready. These students are often the first in their family to consider higher education.

Ten 3rd and 4th year Education students are working as tutors in this program. This is a weekly commitment to travel to the Central Coast to work within the AVID program in conjunction with the practical teaching component of their Teacher Education Program.

Visits to Macquarie University by students, teachers and parents/caregivers involved in this program are co-ordinated and accompanied also by the Social Inclusion Unit.

Batemans' Bay

A National Partnership school, Bateman's Bay is located on NSW's South Coast. Working with the executive, we are exploring possible linkages with Macquarie University. Initial actions have been a visit by the indigenous students from Bateman's Bay to Macquarie University, particularly Warawara, to explore future possibilities and further educational opportunities for these students.

Videoconferencing with senior Modern and Ancient History students is being explored as an option for all schools that host our 4th year students and serves two purposes. The first is to allow pre-service teachers opportunities to understand the level of comprehension and points of confusion for senior students and allow access to communicate with senior students about subjects that they may not have the opportunity to teach - within a controlled (workshop time) environment. The second is to allow senior students to appreciate that university is attainable.

Selected Recent Publications






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