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School of Education

Dr Stuart Woodcock

Stuart Woodcock PhotoTitle: Senior Lecturer in Education
Qualifications: PhD, MEd (Spec.Ed) BA (Hons)
Phone: 02 9850 4298
Office: C3A 907



Stuart initially trained as a teacher in England. Since then he has taught in England, Canada and Australia in primary and secondary schools, teaching in a variety of settings including mainstream, special education and behaviour units. Since he came to Australia, Stuart has taught in several education sectors. He has taught in TAFE colleges across New South Wales teaching Adult Basic Education, ICT and students with disabilities. He has also taught in several tertiary education settings across New South Wales. He currently lectures in a range of areas, including inclusive education, classroom and behaviour management, and educational psychology, teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His research areas focus on attribution theory, self-efficacy, behaviour management, and students with specific learning disabilities.

Selected Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Year Link Citation
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Year Link Citation
2013   Woodcock, S., Dixon, R., Tanner, K. (2013). Teaching in Inclusive School Environments. Australia, David Barlow Publishing.

Book Chapters

Year Link Citation
2016   Woodcock, S., Reupert, A. (2016}. Inclusion, classroom management and teacher self-efficacy in an Australian context. InS. Garvis, & Pendergast (Eds}, Asia-Pacific perspectives on teacher self-efficacy. Rotterdam, Sense Publishers.
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