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School of Education

Dr Rod Lane

RodLaneTitle: Lecturer in Education
Qualifications: BA (Hons) DipEd; PhD (Macq)
Phone: 02 9850 9172
Office: C3A 923


Rod Lane is a senior lecturer in the School of Education, specialising in the areas of conceptual change, assessment and pedagogy in the Social Sciences.  He has more than a decade of experience teaching in state and independent schools and is the recent recipient of an Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.  Rod has authored and co-authored several key textbooks for Geography and Commerce students and has experience as both an HSC examination committee member and marker.

Rod currently lectures in the following units:

  • EDUC365 - Educational Assessment
  • EDCN814 - Assessment Issues
  • TEP421 - Economics and Business Studies in Secondary School I
  • TEP422 - Economics and Business Studies in Secondary School II
  • EDUC267 - Introduction to Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • TEP387 - Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary School I
  • TEP388 - Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary School II


  • Teaching Awards

  • Vice Chancellor's Award for Programs that Enhance Learning, September, 2013
  • Executive Dean's Award for Programs that Enhance Learning, September, 2013
  • ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, August, 2011
  • Vice Chancellor's Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, September, 2010
  • Executive Dean's Citation for Teaching Excellence, August, 2010
  • Australian Centre for Educational Studies Award for Teaching Excellence, November, 2008

Research Interests

Rod's research is based on the overriding interest in improving teacher quality particularly but not exclusively within the context of geographical education.  This research includes two overlapping themes: (1) investigating learning processes in science/geographical education and (2) examining teacher quality and informing teacher professional learning. This includes the exploration of approaches for improving the content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of in-service and pre-service teachers.

  • Geography teachers' pedagogical content knowledge
  • Conceptual change and conceptual development
  • Teacher professional development
  • Assessment and pedagogy


Community Outreach

Rod regularly runs workshops on evidence-based programming and assessment for both primary and secondary schools. He is a member of council of the NSW Geographical Society and has co-authored a number of secondary textbooks for Geography, Economics and Commerce students.

Current Research

It is now generally accepted that students construct their own understandings of 'how the world works' prior to receiving formal instruction and generate 'naïve theories' or views of phenomena in an attempt to make sense of their everyday experiences. Despite the existence of a significant body of literature on students' conceptions in some subject domains (namely Physics), there has been little research undertaken to investigate the link between student preconceptions, teachers' knowledge and pedagogy in Geography.

Rod's research seeks to address this by exploring Geography teachers' knowledge of common student preconceptions and the way this knowledge is used to inform practice. This research employs a mixed qualitative and quantitative methodology and focuses on teachers' and students' conceptions of tropical cyclone causes and processes, a component of the key mandatory Stage 5 Geography syllabus topic Natural Hazards.

Rod's other research interests include teacher professional development and evidence-based programming and assessment in schools.

Recent Publications






Lane, R. (2015). Primary Geography in Australia: Pre-service primary teachers' understandings of weather and climate Review of International Geographical Education Online, 5(2), 199-217. 



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Kleeman, G. (Ed.), Lane, R., Pask, R., & Butler, J. (2009). Global Explorations (2nd ed.). Port Melbourne: Person Education Australia.



Kleeman, G. (Ed.), Lane, R., Hamper, D., & Rhodes, H. (2009). Australian Explorations (2nd ed.). Port Melbourne: Person Education Australia.












Innovation and Scholarship Program

21st century teachers: Creating capacity for accreditation using mobile and tablet technology



Innovation and Scholarship Program

The digital teacher: Capturing evidence and reflection using mobile and tablet technologies



Emerging Technologies Grant

Developing a self-help video podcasting process that can be implemented across a whole department

$5, 000


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Enhancing Education students' research engagement through the construction of a Research in Education Website